When you travel the world, amazing things happen. You find out things about yourself you never thought possible, and you meet people you can no longer imagine living without. You figure out what your passions are, away from the boundaries you grew up knowing. You can find your purpose, and understand that we never stop learning.

La Vinn is a creation of travel; two women from different countries on different paths, brought together to inspire and create. Eyes opened to the world away from home, and having travelled through several countries together, the founders of La Vinn found their purpose.

A swimwear brand fuelled by a love of nature and and a passion to ensure future generations have the chance to experience the same. Seeing oceans and beaches flooded with rubbish opened our eyes to the impact we have, and how making more mindful choices could make a difference.

For this reason, La Vinn pledges to promote sustainability in everything we do. And we encourage our customers to embrace this mindset, too. Think about how you can mindfully make a difference, each day, with the decisions and purchases you make.