We want to inform you a little more about our working process as it is so important to us. We are always conscious about the ethical and environmental impact of manufacturing our product.

Good things take time.

We strive for perfection. Which is why when sourcing materials for our swimwear we decided against working with partly recycled fabrics. Currently, we are working towards developing a 100% recycled fabric, in line with our ethos to become a 100% sustainable brand. This involves research and testing, and we cannot wait to update you in the near future with the results.

We are also proud to say that we do not use hygienic liners, in order to avoid using single use plastics. We are looking forward to being able to launch a biodegradable liner, so until then please be aware of this and try our swimwear on over your underwear.

But it is not just about the product. Our whole process has sustainability at its core, which is why all packaging and labels are made from 100% recycled materials. Even the bags we ship our garments in are biodegradable.

As we learn more about the impact consumerism has on our planet, we have embraced a minimalistic lifestyle, and encourage you to do the same through purchasing La Vinn swimwear. Good things take time, which is what we give to each one of our pieces and our ethical production process.